The moment you need to find the best cardiac surgeon in India, opt for a doctor who is familiar with your specific condition. In addition you would need someone who matches your communication style. You need to make an informed choice and this is important as far as a doctor patient relationship evolves.

Gets the ball rolling with the primary recommendation of your doctor?

It all depends upon the recommendation of your primary doctor and where you live. If it is a non-emergency situation  and then you can ask your family doctor. He knows you in and out and he might be familiar with many cardiologists in your area. They have been in the city for a long time and they can help you to get in touch with the right person.

The credentials of the cardiologist has to be checked

You should look at a cardiologist who happens to be board certified. It would not only mean that the doctor has gone on to specialize in this domain, but he has passed the various levels of testing. Look out for the letters certifying this and seek whether they are committed to the highest standards of medical care. It would pin point to the fact that your cardiologist is up to date in the medical world.

You can find out a lot of information about your doctor on the internet. There are specific websites which are dedicated in providing detailed information about the doctor along with their specialities.

It is better that you do opt for a local doctor as far as possible

It is not a good idea to cover a lot of distance when you are looking for medical assistance. The local heart specialists are well versed in handling most of the common conditions of the heart. If you have any problems with them, then your doctor will recommend you to a more specialized doctor or medical centre.

Stress on the importance of communication

Before your first round of appointment with your doctor, you need some extra time with your doctor. Do ask them for who covers for them and what happens if the doctor is not available at a certain point of time. it is better to address all the issues you have before proceeding for the treatment. You need to take into view the fact that routine heart care is something that is going to go for the rest of your life. So you need a doctor with whom you are comfortable in talking. The mind set of patients is that they would not even discover the real problem the moment they are out of the room.

Be sure to ascertain your needs before you finalize a cardiologist

It would not be a great idea to always get in touch with a cardiologist based on references as your needs might be different from the others. There is no family cardiologist, but this is the problem with most of them as well. The choice of female cardiologist would be something more inclined as well.


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